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LIMITLESS CINEMATICS is a filmmaking production company, developed by Oscar Wolfgang and Ian Boyd during their high school years. LIMITLESS CINEMATICS has created several award winning films, most notably, the short film, THIS IS HOME. 
This film was made for ZoomFest, a 48 hour film festival where it competed against 92 other films.
The film recieved "Best Screenplay", "2nd Best Technical", "3rd Best Sound Design","3rd Best Art Direction", "2nd Best Group Performance", and nominated for "Best Overall".
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Ian Boyd's passion for filmmaking started in middle school, where he would make short videos with his neighbors. In high school, Ian enrolled in a video production class where he met Oscar. It was during this time that he focused more on the writing aspects of filmmaking. In 2018, he collaborated with Oscar on a short film called "This is Home", which won numerous awards including best screenplay at the 48 hour Zoomfest film festival in Vancouver. In his grade 12 year. he wrote a short story which was published in an anthology book. 

Oscar Wolfgang is a director/cinematographer. He started filmmaking at a young age making films in his backyard and from there the passion only grew. He, along with Ian Boyd, started their production company Limitless Cinematics and  have created multiple films through the years; several winning in film festivals. Their most notable film, THIS IS HOME, helped open their eyes to bigger, better ideas and plans for the future. The two had then created their own film festival; the Vancouver Island Youth Film Festival, to give back to the community that supported them and support younger filmmakers.

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Your story is important and we make it our priority to translate that through film.

If you have a vision, story, or promotional idea that you would like to see come to life on screen, please feel free to email us.

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