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Contest  Rules


Vancouver Island Youth Film Festival (VIYFF) is a youth film competition available to persons between the ages of 15 – 30 and residing in British Columbia, Canada. At 5pm on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, we will announce a THEME for this year’s competition on the Festival Facebook Page: .
Filmmakers have until Friday, December 31st, 2021 to write and produce, and submit a short film from 2 - 5 minutes in length that incorporates the given theme. The film submission deadline is 11:59pm PST on Friday, December 31, 2021. Once the competition begins, there will be a submission page posted on the website (web address will be posted on Facebook page) where teams can submit films online.
Please remember that ANY film submitted after 11:59pm PST on Friday, December 31st, 2021 will be disqualified. It is the responsibility of the entrants to ensure that they allot enough time for the upload of their submission. Participant Rules There are two film categories: Youth Category (15-18 years) and Young Adult (19-30 years).
• A team's category is determined by the oldest member of each group.
All participants must currently live in British Columbia. Films must be produced, directed, planned and technically executed entirely by youth. The involvement of older adults is limited to non-creative roles (i.e. technical advice, funding, etc.) except for actors so long as they are not performing in lead roles. Actors who are between ages 15 and 30 must be indicated clearly on the registration form.
Film Rules:
All entries must range from 2 minutes (minimum) to 5 minutes (maximum) in length, including credits.
Productions and all parts of the film must be completed within the 31-day time frame and incorporate the theme announced on the website at the start of the competition.
Graphic/offensive content, anything promoting hate, including the use of firearms, is not acceptable and the use of strong language should be avoided.
All copies of films will be kept by Vancouver Island Youth Film Festival.
By entering this festival, you are granting Vancouver Island Film Festival non-exclusive rights to retain an archive copy of your production for the purposes of exhibition, promotion, and education.
All entries may be used on a compilation video for promotional purposes.
All submitted films must be exported and labeled according to the VIYFF regulations: Export = 1080p (H.264 codec) preferred, less than 3gb Label = Category--Film Title example: Young Adult – “This is my Film” – VIYFF If the primary language of a film is not in English, then it must have hard coded English subtitles.
Films must be compliant with all copyright laws. If music or additional film material used in your film is not original, then permission from source must be obtained. The responsibility for this rests entirely with the filmmaker. Failure to obtain clearance could result in your film being withdrawn from the Festival. The Vancouver Island Youth Film Festival is not responsible to resolve technical issues with submitted films.
The Vancouver Island Youth Film Festival is not responsible for fixing any badly transferred data. Selection, Judging and Awards The Selection and Judging Committees are tasked with choosing the best films based on a variety of criteria including compliance with VIYFF rules and regulations, production quality, and originality. You will be notified if your film has been shortlisted to be screened and nominated for an award.
The Judging Committee will select films to award. Some example awards, include, but are not limited to:
• Best Overall
• Best Editing
• Best Cinematography
• Best Special Effects
• Best Performance
• Best Film
• Best Writing
Decisions of the Judging Committee are final; there is no appeal process.


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